BabyLab bei der Berlin Science Week 2022

The BabyLab is participating in the Berlin Science Week (1-10 Nov), in collaboration with the Humboldt University and the Leibniz-ZAS. Alan Langus (C03) and Mireia Marimon (UP) will be representing our department. For more infomation, see below.

Have you ever wondered how researchers study language development?

Researchers from the BabyLab at the University of Potsdam and from RUEG at the Leibniz-Zentrum Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft bring the lab to you! Come by and explore how an eye-tracker works and how it is used in investigating how babies and adults acquire languages as part of the Berlin Science Week on 5th November . When do children understand their first words? Do you remember the first time that a child looked at an object that you called out? We can follow children’s looks and see how they learn words and grammar. In our room you can expect exciting hands-on experiments for children and adults and interactive lectures (in English) on important topics such as infant research methodologies, language development milestones and multilingual education. What are you waiting for? Fun experiments are waiting for you! No registration needed, free.

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