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Shravan Vasishth at the 2018 ISBA World Meeting

„Type M error in practice: A case study“

Shravan Vasishth

Computational models of retrieval processes: an evalutation using benchmark data

SMLP 2020

The ’new‘ Science: transparent, cumulative, and collaborative by Christina Bergmann

SMLP 2020

Robust Cognitive Models by Jeff Rouder

Joint Colloquium SFB 1287 and SFB 1294 by Nikolaus Kriegeskorte

„Cognitive computational neuroscience of vision“

AMLaP 2020

Qualitative vs. Quantitative Individual Differences: Implications for Cognitive Control by Jeff Rouder

AMLaP 2020

Day 3

AMLaP 2020

Day 2

AMLaP 2020

Day 1

AMLaP 2020

B01 – Lateralization of prosodic processing in individuals with unilateral brain damage

Intro – Project B04

Variability in Turkish-German Bilinguals

Intro – Project A02

Grammatical processing and syntactic change

Shravan Vasishth

Dependency completion in sentence processing: Some recent computational and empirical investigations


Sixth Summer School on Statistical Methods for Linguistics and Psychology

One goal of the summer school is to provide comprehensive training in the theory and application of statistics, with a…

Workshop: Basics of Artificial Neural Networks / Deep Learning

The SFB1287 at the University Potsdam invites interested researchers of linguistics to a free this workshop.This 2-day workshop offers an…