Central Administrative Project

PI(s): Prof. Dr. Doreen Georgi

The Central Administrative Project Z covers all central aspects of the CRC. The Z-Project is responsible for the coordination, organization, and management of the CRC. Specifically, it is responsible for the financial management of funds for central major research equipment, replacements, visiting researchers, workshops and conferences, and the Mercator Fellows. Project Z manages the funds for research assistants, travel, and publication costs. In addition, global funds for gender equality, new unforeseeable developments, public relations, and start-up funding are managed by the Z-Project. The scientific coordinator supports all CRC members and guests, is the main contact person for the DFG as well as for the administration of the University of Potsdam, and is in charge of the timely delivery of reports to the DFG.


Prof. Dr. Doreen Georgi
Campus GolmHaus 14, Raum 3.33
(+49) 331 977-2968
Dr. Michaela Schmitz
Campus GolmHaus 14, Raum 2.09
(+49) 331 977-6275