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Scientific service and infrastructure project

PI(s): Prof. Dr. Shravan Vasishth & Prof. Dr. Ralf Engbert

This project provides support to the CRC by advising other projects on experiment design and statistical data analysis, helping projects to preregister their primary statistical analyses using the Open Science Foundation, and helping with the data management and archiving. This is achieved through four work packages that (1) provide support to the CRC in optimizing experiment design and analysis, (2) provide statistical education within the CRC, (3) assist in developing and maintaining a data repository to ensure preregistration, open access of data and code, and reproducibility, and (4) develop new statistical methods, computational tools, and software packages needed for the CRC, which will be made available in the public domain.



Prof. Dr. Ralf Engbert

Universität PotsdamCampus GolmDepartment PsychologieKarl-Liebknecht-Strasse 24-25, Haus 14, Raum 4.0314476 Potsdam
(+49) 331 977-2140 E-Mail Link

Dr. Anna Laurinavichyute

Universität PotsdamCampus GolmDepartment LinguistikKarl-Liebknecht-Strasse 24-25, Haus 14, Raum 3.3614476 Potsdam

Prof. Dr. Shravan Vasishth

Universität PotsdamCampus GolmDepartment LinguistikKarl-Liebknecht-Strasse 24-25, Haus 14, Raum 2.3414476 Potsdam
(+49) 331 977-2457 E-Mail Link

David Ziegert

Universität PotsdamCampus GolmDepartment LinguistikKarl-Liebknecht-Strasse 24-25, Haus 14, Raum 3.3414476 Potsdam
(+49) 331 977-231118 E-Mail


Types of publications:

- Peer-Reviewed: Papers, Journals, Books, Articles of the CRC
- Talk or Presentation: Talks, Presentations, Posters of the CRC
- SFB-Related: not produced in connection with the CRC, but are thematically appropriate
- Other: Papers, Journals, Books, Articles of the CRC, but not peer-reviewed

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Author(s)TitleYearPublished inLinksType
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