Integrated Research Training Group

PI(s): Prof. Dr. Doreen Georgi

Successful PhD candidates and postdocs automatically become members of the MGK (Integrated Research Training Group). The primary aim of the MGK is to offer structured early-career support to PhD candidates and postdocs in the CRC 1287 by means of a joint qualification program. To provide this, the MGK has four main goals: (i) support project leaders and PhD supervisors in selecting and advising early stage researchers, (ii) establish a structured research and training environment for early stage researchers at the CRC, (iii) support PhD candidates and postdocs on their way to becoming independent researchers and in their career development, and (iv) support research and training-related networking within the CRC 1287 and beyond.

To accomplish these aims, the MGK organizes a wide range of activities. PhD students and their supervisors are supported by annual panel meetings. These are used to reflect the progress of the individual PhD project as well as to plan the upcoming PhD year. Additionally, each PhD student discusses and reviews his/her progress with two independent PIs from other CRC projects.

PhD students and postdocs organize an annual project week for scientific training and career development and for networking within the CRC. Early stage researchers are given the opportunity to participate in scientific talks, career talks and in a range of workshops specifically targeted to their own requirements (e.g. scientific writing, applications for third party funding, statistical skills). Monthly meetings are organized for MGK members to connect with each other and to keep in touch with the MGK coordinator who also provides news relevant for the CRC in a monthly newsletter. To further support networking inside and outside the CRC 1287, MGK members can apply for funding to realise collaboration projects inside the CRC and for short-term research stays in labs outside the CRC. Funded by our short-term fellowships, we were able to welcome eleven international early stage researchers in the CRC 1287 in the first funding phase. See the full list of our short-term fellows here.

All PhD candidates and postdocs have specific duties and opportunities within the MGK. Duties for PhD candidates include: organisation of and participation in annual project weeks and one summer school, completion of the annual progress reports, attendance of at least three research colloquia per year outside their own project, attendance of at least three PhD defences within the candidature time, involvement in outreach activities (e.g., Potsdam Science Days). For postdocs, duties include: organisation of and participation in the annual project weeks and one summer school, involvement in outreach activities (e.g., Potsdam Science Days). Opportunities for both PhD students and postdocs entail participation in various workshops and seminars, access to funding to invite guests and to carry out collaborations, travel funding, as well as the organisation of workshops and events. In addition, the MGK is the central forum for (confidential) exchange, support and networking among the PhD candidates and postdocs in our research cluster.

The MGK has two functioning interest groups set up on the initiative of MGK members:

In 2023, the MGK is organising the Summer School on “Understanding and Modelling Linguistic Variability” for students and early career researchers.


Dr. Raúl Bendezú-Araujo
Campus GolmHaus 14, Raum 3.32
(+49) 331 977-203165
Prof. Dr. Doreen Georgi
Campus GolmHaus 14, Raum 3.33
(+49) 331 977-2968