Dialect-standard variability in early childhood: A longitudinal corpus study of phonological development

PI(s): Prof. Dr. Martin Pfeiffer

The project explores the limits of phonological dialect-standard variability in young
children who acquire two varieties of German, a High Alemannic dialect and standard
German. Drawing on a longitudinal audiovisual corpus of spontaneous family interaction
involving three children regularly recorded within the age span of approx. 1;6 to 4;0, we
aim to uncover the language-internal and language-external factors that constrain this
variability and the way it develops over time. To this end, we combine methods of interactional linguistics and corpus linguistics.


Prof. Dr. Martin Pfeiffer
Campus Am Neuen PalaisHaus 5, Raum 0.11
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Aaron Schmidt-Riese
Campus Am Neuen Palais


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Schmidt-Riese, A. V., & Pfeiffer, M.Phonological Variation in Bidialectism: A Longitudinal Corpus Study on Natural Parent-Child Interaction in Alemannic and Standard German.2023Poster presented at the Phonetics and Phonology in Europe (PaPE 2023) Conference: Speech Variation in the Wild, Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. 2 - 4 June. Talk or Presentation
Schmidt-Riese, A. V.ommunikative Faktoren für Dialekt-Standard-Variation im fühkindlichen Sprachgebrauch.2023Paper presented at the 11. Kolloquium Forum Sprachvariation der IGDD, University of Bern, Bern, Switzerland. 06-08 September.Talk or Presentation


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