Collaborative Research Centre 1287 - Limits of Variability in Language: Cognitive, Computational, and Grammatical Aspects


Consequences of head argument order for syntax

PI(s): Prof. Dr. Gisbert Fanselow

The project will test the hypothesis that there are systematic syntactic differences between (S)VO and (S)OV languages that go beyond further laws of linearization for heads and their arguments. For this purpose, comparable data will be collected systematically in a sample of the world’s languages that is as representative as possible. The aim is also to determine whether pertinent typological generalizations are best captured via the ordering of verb and object or via the structural position of the subject.


Fanselow (✝)

Prof. Dr. Gisbert Fanselow (✝)

Universität PotsdamCampus GolmDepartment LinguistikKarl-Liebknecht-Strasse 24-25, Haus 14, Raum 3.3114476 Potsdam
(+49) 331 977-2446E-MailLink

Dr. phil. Andreas Hölzl

Universität PotsdamCampus GolmDepartment LinguistikKarl-Liebknecht-Strasse 24-25, Haus 14, Raum 3.2014476 Potsdam
(+49) 331 977-2051E-MailLink


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Adam, N., Hölzl, A. & Schmidt, A.Aspects of the OV/VO alternation.2022Paper presented at "Alternatives, Contexts, and Variation". Workshop of the linguistic CRCs (Berlin). 04 - 05 July.Talk or PresentationC08
Hölzl, A.Word order change and mixed directionality in Sino-Tibetan: RelN & VO in Caijia and Longjia.2022Paper presented at the 25th International Conference on Historical Linguistics, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK. 01 - 05 August.Talk or PresentationC08