3. SFB-Networking Workshop

SFB-Networking Workshop (Köln – Potsdam – Saarbrücken) vom 15. – 16. Juli 2021 an der Universität des Saarlandes [Flyer]

Thema: „Relation of Prominence, Surprisal and Information Structure“


  • SFB 1102 „Information Density and Linguistic Encoding“,
  • SFB 1252 „Prominence in Language“,
  • SFB 1287 „Limits of Variability in Language“


  • Ellison (SFB 1252): „A Bayesian Model Prominence in Reference Interpretation“
  • van Os, Demberg & Kray (SFB 1102): „Recognition of minimal pairs in (un)predictive sentence contexts in noise“
  • Scheffler, Richter & van Hout: „Tracing and classifying German intensifiers through information theory“
  • Lemke, Schäfer, Drenhaus & Reich (SFB 1102): „Ellipsis: Above and beyond information structure“
  • Huttenlauch, Schneider, de Beer, Wartenburger & Hanne (SFB 1287): „Limits of variability in the prosodic realization of locally ambiguous OVS and SVO sentences“
  • Seeliger (SFB 1252): „Speech act meets information structure: On the interaction of different requirements for prosodic prominence in exclamatives and polar questions“
  • Wagner (McGill University): „Why predictability is not predictive without a linguistic theory“
  • Trouvain: „Virtual guided tour through the exhibition „Writing systems“
  • Turnbull (Newcastle University): „Prominence in Lexical Networks“
  • Pregla, Lissón, Vasishth, Burchert & Stadie (SFB 1287): „Sentence comprehension difficulty in language impaired and unimpaired adults in German: Implications for surprisal and adaptation accounts“
  • Höhle & Gafos (SFB 1287): „Reflections of entropy and surprisal in infants‘ looking times“
  • Yuen, Ibrahim, Andreeva & Möbius (SFB 1102): „Effects of Surprisal and Boundary Strength“


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